Positive Control Antisera

We supply positive control polyclonal antisera in support of our range of lyophilised ELISA antigens.
These sera are supplied diluted in PBS, 0.5ml per vial. They are pooled sera taken from animals that have experienced a single exposure to live virus and therefore act as a valid positive control in the detection and evaluation of natural exposure in test sera.

The sera have neither been heat inactivated nor preservative added and should therefore be stored at -20oC or below.

We recommend for maximum economy that they are thawed, diluted to working strength in PBS/tween with the appropriate blocking agent included and re-aliquotted in convenient volumes for further storage at -20oC.

The recommended dilution is usually 1:5 performed by the customer to arrive at a working dilution. Thus, 0.5ml of product will usually provide up to 50 positive control wells on ELISA plates at 50 microlitres per well.

The following sera are currently available: