Microscope Antigen Slides


1. Slide Format

Teflon-coated 12-well microscope slides are supplied in the format of two rows of six 5mm wells all with positive antigen.

MVM Fluorescence

MVM Fluorescence. Click to enlarge.

 2. Antigen Preparation

Positive viral antigen is prepared in cell culture on the microscope slide well. Negative cells will also appear in the field of view to give a good contrast between positive and negative staining.

 3. Slides Available:

 Microscope Slides

Acronym Common Name Family Other Acronyms or names Product code
Ectro Ectromelia Poxviridae  ECTV MS020
EDIM EDIM Reoviridae Mouse rotavirus,Epidemic diarrhoea of Infant Mice MS021
GDVII TMEV , Theiler’s virus Picornaviridae TMEV, Theilers murine encephalomyelitis virus MS027
GPSGV Guinea pig salivary gland virus Herpesviridae CMV, Guinea pig cytomegalovirus, Caviid herpesvirus 2, CavHV-2 MS028
H-1 Toolan virus Parvoviridae H-1 PV, H-1 parvovirus MS030
KRV Kilham rat virus Parvoviridae KRV MS045
LCM Lymphocytic choriomeningitis Arenaviridae LCMV MS046





Mouse hepatitis virus










MVM Minute virus of mice Parvoviridae MS059
MSGV Mouse cytomegalovirus Herpesviridae MCMV, Mouse salivary gland virus, CMV, Murid cytomegalovirus 1, MuHV-1 MS056
PVM Pneumonia virus of mice Paramyxoviridae MPV, Pneumonia virus of mice MS072
Reo 3 Reovirus 3 Reoviridae MRV-3, Mammalian orthoreovirus 3 MS076
Sendai Sendai virus Parainfluenza 1 SeV, Murine parainfluenza virus 1 MS079
SV-5 Simian virus Paramyxoviridae  Simian virus 5 MS081