Freeze-Dried Antigens

Introducing the range of Freeze Dried Antigens currently available from Churchill Applied Biotechnology.

Freeze-dried antigens are usually supplied by us as two vials. One vial contains positive antigen. The other contains negative antigen, both of which are freeze-dried pellets.  Each vial is reconstituted with 5ml coating buffer to arrive at the desired working dilution. Freeze-dried viral antigens are supplied for antibody detection in immunoassay procedures. The antigens have been standardised for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs).

Each freeze-dried vial contains inactivated virus antigen derived from cell culture or fertile eggs. The negative freeze-dried vial is prepared in the same way but not seeded with virus.

Feline freeze-dried antigens

Murine freeze-dried antigens

Rat freeze-dried antigens