Bulk Antigens

Range of Avian Antigens available from Churchill Applied Biotechnology

These antigens are usually prepared to order often in 1 litre amounts. It may be possible to provide smaller quantities so do ask. Minimum order is 200 ml. Negative control (sham inoculated) antigens can be made to these but this requirement needs to be made clear when ordering. A charge is made for negative cultures.

Each product is made either in cell culture or as allantoic fluid preparations in hens or duck eggs. Individual egg harvest can be screened for background activity in ELISA but a surcharge will need to be made for this service. Prices on application.

Other avian and non-avian viruses can be produced in bulk upon request.

Avian Antigens – Bulk


Common Name Family Other Acronyms or names

Product code

Av Reo Avian Reovirus Reoviridae ARV, Avian orthoreovirus B005
TRT Turkey Rhinotracheitis virus Paramyxoviridae APV A, Avian metapneumovirus, AMPV B003
ART Avian Rhinotracheitis virus Paramyxoviridae APV B, Avian metapneumovirus, AMPV B001
ART Avian Rhinotracheitis virus Paramyxoviridae APV C, Avian metapneumovirus, AMPV B002
CAA Chick Anaemia agent Circoviridae Chicken anaemia virus, CAV B008
CELO Fowl Adenovirus Adenoviridae FAdV-1
EDS Egg Drop Syndrom Adenoviridae DAdV-1, Duck adenovirus 1 B015
IBDV Infectious Bursal Disease virus Birnaviridae Gumboro B033
IBV(M41) Infectious Bronchitis virus Coronavirus B036
IBV (T) Infectious Bronchitis virus Coronavirus B038
ILT Infectious Laryngotracheitis Herpesviridae Gallid herpesvirus 1 B037
MDV Marek’s Disease Virus Herpesviridae Gallid herpesvirus 2
REV Reticuloendotheliosis virus Retroviridae B077