Freeze-dried Antigens – Inactivated          

Viral antigens are supplied for antibody detection in immunoassay procedures. The antigens have been prepared and standardised for the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The product is supplied as two vials. One vial contains positive antigen and the second contains negative material, both of which are freeze-dried.

The positive vial contains virus antigen derived from cell or egg culture along with extracts from that culture and medium. The negative vial is prepared in an identical fashion to the positive vial with the exception that the culture is not seeded with virus.

Each vial is to be reconstituted with 5ml coating buffer to arrive at the final working 111concentration, for dispensing 50ul per well in ELISA.

Bulk Antigens – Inactivated     

Positive inactivated bulk antigens are prepared to order in 1 litre quantities. Smaller quantities may be available upon request – minimum order 200ml. Negative control antigens are also available upon request. These are produced in cell culture or in eggs. In some cases, individual eggs may be screened on request. These are priced accordingly.

Control Antisera    

Positive antisera are supplied in glass sealed ampoules containing sufficient to make 5.0ml of working strength for ELISA controls.



Microscope Slides

Teflon-coated 12 well microscope slides are supplied with all wells containing cells, most infected with positive antigen, and some negative. These negative cells appear in the same field of view for comparison and as reagent control.