Schmallenberg Virus

September 2015

A few years ago we identified a future need for the provision of this virus antigen to the veterinary viral diagnostic market. We successfully developed our culturing methods to propagate this virus. It is an orthobunyavirus reported, at that time, to cause congenital malformations and stillbirths in cattle, goats and sheep. Also, it was not considered to cause a threat to human health. In January 2012 Schmallenberg virus was confirmed on farms in the UK (Carrington, Damian. Guardian, 23 January 2012).

At Churchill Applied Biotechnology Ltd we have made this antigen available to the market. It can be provided as freeze-dried antigen to complement our wide range of mammalian freeze-dried viruses for serology diagnostics. So far it has been used by bulk kit manufacturers.

Any customers requiring bulk antigen for the purposes of kit manufacturing – please get in touch to discuss availability.

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